Police: Be on alert for man in green Honda Accord approaching women

Police in east Charlotte are encouraging people in neighborhoods along Central Avenue to be wary of a man who has approached female joggers and given them “the creeps.”

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police know who the man is but did not release his name at a Wednesday afternoon news conference. They say the man hasn’t committed a crime, but reports on social media that police have tracked say the man drives around neighborhoods in a green Honda Accord and approaches women asking for directions. Other reports have said the vehicle was silver.

He’s been active in several neighborhoods in the Central Avenue corridor, including Merry Oaks, Plaza Midwood and Elizabeth.

Police encouraged neighbors to report suspicious activity to police, even if there’s no solid evidence that a crime had been committed.

“If you feel that something is not right, it just doesn’t seem right, just call 911,” said Lt. Christian Wagner, who oversees the area of east Charlotte where the man has been approaching women.

Wagner said officers were able to identify the man and have talked to him about his activity.

The man wasn’t forthcoming about his motives for approaching women, Wagner said. He said he hopes the police response serves as a deterrent.

“This subject that we talked to knows that we know him,” Wagner said. “He knows that we’re looking at him.”

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