Thieves steal from Humane Society of Charlotte’s shelter

This looks like a case for McGruff the Crime Dog: Someone broke into the Humane Society of Charlotte’s shelter Wednesday night, causing thousands of dollars of damage while stealing laptops and other equipment.

The thieves apparently tore off the electrical power boxes outside the building on Toomey Avenue a little after 7 p.m. Wednesday and broke in the door to gain access, said Jorge Ortega, the group’s vice president of operations.

Surveying the damage, he said, “It’s an animal shelter, for God’s sake. It’s not a bank.”

No animals were taken or harmed during the break-in, Ortega said. He said the building’s alarm apparently went off soon after staff left for the day.

“That was scary,” Ortega added.

The thieves cut the Internet connection to most of the building, further hampering the society’s operations. Two new laptops, the agency’s donation box and a touchscreen monitor were taken, Ortega said, along with paper towels, gloves and wipes.

Ortega was not sure how much money was in the donation box, saying it could have ranged from $20 to $200. “Any penny lost is a penny lost,” he said.

He said people interested in helping can call the society at 704-377-0534 and keep up with its progress on its Facebook page.