Jury scam surfaces in Charlotte

A new scam has targeted the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area – this one involving jury duty.

According to court officials, residents have received phone calls in which they are accused of missing a jury call and told that arrest warrants have been issued.

Residents then are advised that to clear up the matter, they must give the caller a birthdate, Social Security number, and even a credit card. In some cases, the targets are told to go to a drugstore, place a requested amount of money on a prepaid debit card known as a “green dot” card, then to read the card number over the phone to the caller.

Charles Keller, community access and outreach administrator for the Mecklenburg courts, says courthouse officials almost never ask for confidential information over the phone and almost always communicate with prospective jurors through the mail.

Charlotte residents last week reported a similar scam by callers posing as IRS agents. The scammers demanded immediate payment through “green dot” cards.

The public is urged to report any calls like this to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. If you have shared your Social Security number over the phone, call the Social Security fraud hotline at 1-800-269-0271.