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2 N.C. prison escapees captured in McDowell County

Two young men who escaped last weekend from a minimum security state prison in Richmond County have been captured in McDowell County, North Carolina Department of Corrections officials said.

Frankie Noles was taken into custody Saturday afternoon near Marion, about 24 hours after Jacob Pilkington was captured by authorities.

Noles and Pilkington climbed out of a window and scaled a fence last Sunday night, escaping from the Morrison Correctional unit in Hoffman. Prison officials said they thought the men might have headed either for Rowan County, where Pilkington has ties, or to Noles’ home in McDowell County.

Police spotted the escapees Friday afternoon under a railroad bridge in Marion. Pilkington was captured almost immediately, but Noles got away. Authorities said information supplied by Pilkington led them Saturday to a junk yard in Marion, where Pilkington said the two men had been staying in recent days, living in old cars.

Noles was spotted by officers and captured after a short chase.

State prison officials said both men had entered prison in September and were serving short sentences for probation violations. Pilkington was due for release in November 2015 and Noles in December 2015.

The two men now face felony escape charges, and authorities said they will be moved to a higher custody level.