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Charlotte man skips out on his own trial

Marcus Seegars was not around to hear the good news – that while a Mecklenburg County jury convicted him last week of larceny and possession of stolen property, it found him not guilty of first-degree burglary.

Seegars, you see, skipped out on his trial. The 23-year-old Charlotte man never returned from a court recess while his jury was being picked. He remains the subject of a weeklong police hunt, and the jury convicted him anyway.

Seegars was arrested after a December 2013 break-in where the victim awoke to find two intruders in his home. They fled – there seems to be a pattern here – but police found the victim’s TV outside the home. Investigators say Seegars’ fingerprints were on it.

According to court records, Seegars has a criminal history in breaking and entering. While he wasn’t on hand for his trial or verdict, he should be able to hear his punishment for his felony convictions.

Court officials will delay his sentencing until he is caught.

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