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One arrested, one on the run in deadly home invasion in Statesville

A second intruder in a deadly home invasion in Statesville is on the run. Police say Marcellus Brown and another intruder broke into a home,killed a man, and seriously beat up another man.

The home invasion happened Sunday night in the 1300 block of Harris Street. Statesville Police Chief Thomas Anderson said when officers responded, they found 46-year-old Luis Mendoza dead under an inflatable mattress with obvious signs of assault. We spoke with the assault victim at his home. William Bullin's face was bloody and bruised when we arrived on Sunday. He says the two men broke into his home shortly after midnight, beat him and demanded money. “Really can't place what all went on, all I remember is getting hit a couple times and then they kept on,” said Bullin. Neighbors we spoke with don't believe burglary was the reason for the assault. “He's never known to have any money and he went to the shelter to eat a lot,” said Brandis Imes. Bullin says he doesn't know Mendoza. According to police, Mendoza was living with Bullin at the time. Officers say 27-year-old Marcellus Brown is dating the mother of Mendoza's child. Investigators say Mendoza and his ex-girlfriend got into an argument early that night.

Police say shortly after midnight, Brown and a second intruder showed up at the house, broke in, and a fight broke out. Brown was arrested for murder and is currently being held in the Iredell County Jail without bond. If you know anything about this crime and who the second intruder might be, you are asked to call Statesville Police.