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Irwin Carmichael sworn in Monday as Mecklenburg’s new sheriff

Irwin Carmichael was sworn in Monday as the 44th sheriff of Mecklenburg County.

Carmichael was elected Nov. 4 to succeed retiring Sheriff Daniel “Chipp” Bailey, who spent the past seven years as sheriff.

In Mecklenburg, the sheriff runs the jail, oversees security at the courthouse and serves court papers. The sheriff serves a four-year term.

Carmichael and other officers were sworn in at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse.

Carmichael, 50, was born and raised on Beatties Ford Road and joined the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office as a reserve deputy in 1986, when he was sworn in by the late Sheriff C.W. Kidd Jr.

As a reserve, he achieved the rank of captain, but unlike the two men who served before him, he’s never been a law enforcement executive.

Carmichael’s role as sheriff will be the first time that he’s been a full-time employee of the Sheriff’s Office. His reserve deputy status was an unpaid, volunteer position. He’s a ninth-degree black belt in Shorinji Kempo, and the martial arts school he runs has been contracted to train Sheriff’s Office employees.