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Police investigating musician’s reported assault in NoDa

Drake Margolnick
Drake Margolnick WBTV

A Charlotte musician told police four assailants robbed and kidnapped him and hit him with a gun early Wednesday in the city’s NoDa neighborhood.

Drake Margolnick, who sings and plays guitar with the Charlotte band Flagship, told police he was attacked at about 4 a.m. in the 3100 block of North Davidson Street, according to a police report.

Margolnick told Observer news partner WBTV that he hangs out in NoDa, keeps different hours and was midway through jogging home with headphones in his ears when the robbers approached.

“My initial reaction was, this must be someone messing with me,” Margolnick told the station. “Then I look up – there are three dudes around me. Then I got pistol-whipped here, real hard and that stunned me real good. And they threw me in the car.”

The police report said: “The victim did not have any visible signs of injury.”

The report said the assailants drove Margolnick to his home in the 3000 block of Country Club Drive, threatening to shoot and kill him along the way. Country Club Drive is off The Plaza and Matheson Avenue, near Charlotte Country Club.

The assailants broke into Margolnick’s home and stole an iPhone, a 50-inch Samsung TV and a MacBook pro, according to the police report.

“One of the guys keeps me out here with a gun to my head the whole time and said if I said anything or made any sounds to warn my roommate they’d kill me,” Margolnick told WBTV. “So I was quiet.”

The robbers then drove Margolnick to the 3800 block of Monroe Road and let him go, according to the police report.

Margolnick told WBTV he thought he would be killed when he was ordered back into the car and driven to Monroe Road. “When they made me get back in, that’s when I was like, ‘Oh ... this is going to go bad,’ ” Margolnick told WBTV.

“They talked amongst themselves about whether they should pop me or not,” he said. “I was pretty sure I was going to get killed at that point, when they were like, ‘Let’s just pop him, let’s kill him.’”

Margolnick said the robbers made him lie facedown on Monroe Road. “I laid there for about five minutes, just didn’t want to look up,” he told WBTV. “They said if I moved I’d get shot.”

The police report offers no description of the assailants. Police did not reply to a request for comment Friday on whether they had any descriptions of the robbers or an update in the case.

Researcher Maria David contributed.

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