Belk Endowment to give $9.6 million toward community college completion

John M. Belk Endowment board Chairwoman MC Belk Pilon
John M. Belk Endowment board Chairwoman MC Belk Pilon JOHN M. BELK ENDOWMENT

The John M. Belk Endowment announced Tuesday that it will put $9.6 million toward helping students complete community college.

The bulk of the money will go toward bringing a program to North Carolina that combines technology and counseling to help students find community and government programs that will stabilize their finances enough to finish school. The program, called Single Stop, will use $7.75 million from the Belk Endowment to set up at a dozen sites across the state for three years.

The grant is part of the endowment’s focus on community colleges. The organization gave $2.3 million to Central Piedmont Community College in September to boost remedial coursework.

Eight other organizations will receive money as part of the John M. Belk Endowment grant Thursday.

▪ $50,000 to Achieving the Dream to send community college presidents to a national leadership symposium.

▪ $550,000 to The Aspen Institute to bring new data gathering techniques to community colleges.

▪ $150,000 to Brunswick Community College to fund a program that encourages students who have left the school to return and finish their degree.

▪ $175,000 to Davidson County Community College for a marketing program to draw students in to high-demand careers.

▪ $125,000 to Degrees Matter! to hire a volunteer coordinator. The organization works to increase the number of people in the Triad with college degrees.

▪ $100,000 to the Foundation for the Carolinas to put together a list of postsecondary education options in the Charlotte area.

▪ $525,000 to N.C. State University to boost the curricula for community college leadership programs.

▪ $200,000 to NC Works to put together a program to attract students to in-demand career education programs.

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