Counted Out

North Carolina's public schools are failing to help thousands of low-income children who have shown they are smart enough to handle advanced work. An unprecedented analysis of seven years of state data shows that a far larger proportion of more affluent students are selected for gifted classes over their low-income peers with the same end-of-grade test scores.

Why have smart, low-income NC students been excluded from advanced classes?

Bright children from poor families are being excluded from more challenging classes at a much higher rate than their more affluent peers, NC records show.

When parents can’t advocate, who will push this eighth-grade math star to excel?

For Victor Guevara, the son of immigrants, the question isn’t whether he can earn a diploma. It’s whether he can get into a good college and become an engineer.

What if low-income but gifted students had the same support and connections as rich kids?

Young Eisner Scholars (YES) helps low-income, high-potential students in Watauga County, NC with the goal of lifting them out of poverty.