CMS achievement levels rise

New N.C. test results show a growing number of Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools are boosting their student achievement levels.

The latest results of North Carolina's “ABC” school ratings system, released this morning, showed 77.8 percent of CMS schools met or exceeded student-progress targets in 2007-08. The previous school year, 67.5 percent did.

“This shows we are moving in the right direction,” Superintendent Peter Gorman said.

Forty-nine CMS schools met the minimum goal for academic growth, while 74 hit the highest mark. The previous year, 72 achieved the minimum while just 30 reached the highest growth target.

The results suggested some CMS high schools still have work to do. Just six of 22 high schools reached the minimum or highest growth levels. Those high schools included Ardrey Kell, Providence, Butler, South Mecklenburg and Olympic's School of International Business & Communications Studies and its School of International Studies & Global Economics.