CMS board to vote on raises

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board will vote tonight on raises averaging 3 percent for teachers and slightly less for most other staff.

With more than 19,000 employees, the district is one of Mecklenburg's largest employers.

Teacher pay is largely controlled by the state legislature; the CMS raises reflect that body's vote this summer.

The proposal from Superintendent Peter Gorman calls for principals and assistant principals to get an average of 2.69 percent. Those whose pay is below market rate, as measured by a recent CMS study, also will be eligible for further raises if their job evaluations are good.

Other staff, including central office staff and senior managers, would average 2.75 percent raises. They, too, could get additional adjustments based on market rates.

The nine school board members will get 3 percent raises if they approve the plan.

The board meeting starts at 6 p.m. at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center and is broadcast live on CMS-TV Cable 3.