Concord girl wins state conservation event

Madeline Barfield, a rising seventh-grader at Harris Road Middle School in Concord, won the state’s Soil and Water Conservation District’s Soil and Water Conservation PowerPoint Contest.

Madeline used computer graphics and pictures to illustrate her slides. “I chose to do my project on rainwater harvesting because I feel it is very interesting and important,” she said. “A few years ago my dad was very intrigued by how simple it would be to save water and reuse it. We talked a lot about it. ...

“At the end of the school year, I was recognized at the Harris Road awards ceremony. This is when I found out my project won the state competition. My teachers, parents and principal all knew I won and kept it a secret for almost two months so I would be surprised at awards day.”

In both years that the PowerPoint competition has been offered, Harris Road Middle has produced the state champion. Hannah Watson won last year’s event.

Reid Creager