They did the right thing

Jonathan Traverso, a rising junior at Ardrey Kell High, and Aliyah Morris, a rising senior at Harding University High, were honored at the July 22 Charlotte City Council meeting as the top Do the Right Thing winners for the 2012-13 school year.

Three times during the school year, Do the Right Thing – sponsored by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police and fire departments – salutes K-12 students who demonstrate acts of unselfishness or are proactive in difficult situations.

In 2012, Jonathan was at his Ballantyne home caring for his younger sister when a fire broke out at a neighbor’s home. Reacting to the unusual shadows and noises outside, Jonathan opened the rear door of his townhome and was hit by intense heat and smoke. He immediately closed the door behind him, alerted his sister, and both exited safely through the front door. Jonathan then called 911 and notified the fire department. His quick actions reduced the extent of fire damage, and no injuries were reported. He’s shown receiving his award from Fire Chief Jon Hannan.

Aliyah, shown accepting her award from CMPD Officer JJ Flowers and CMPD Deputy Chief Vickie Foster, was in class when another student showed her a gun in her book bag. Quietly, Aliyah asked her teacher for a pass to the restroom and nurse’s office. She went to the school resource officer’s office and told a CMPD officer about the gun. The CMPD SRO immediately went to the classroom and removed the student from the classroom, taking possession of the book bag. The student was taken into custody for possession of a weapon on school grounds without incident.

Reid Creager