Peaceful Approach To Bullying

Northwest Cabarrus High rising senior Nate Lambert speaks regularly to youths about how to handle bullying.

Nate, 18, a black belt at Hickory Academy of Martial Arts, conducts the seminars with senior instructor Joshua Page. Their message at the free presentations: Be kind, be involved, be bold.

“Kindness is often the best way to defuse a situation,” Nate says. “It’s not about how to fight ... but if it leads to a physical confrontation, how do you stop it?”

Nate says, “Page created the vision, but I’ve spent a long time developing that vision and helping grow it.” He has been holding the classes at schools and churches over the past year. Here he speaks to karate students at the Hickory Academy of Martial Arts on Aug. 6.

Nate and Page are working with the West Cabarrus YMCA in Concord to schedule some workshops for elementary, middle school and high school kids. “It’s important to recognize that you don’t come across the same kind of bully in elementary school that you do in high school,” he says.

Reid Creager