Charlotte teens make business of fashion

Myers Park High seniors Kate Bernard and Copelyn Bengel have created a business in which they restore and alter clothing to make fashion statements.

They started the business a little over a year ago, and their Bohlyn brand gained momentum when friends started asking about the clothes. “We work out of Copelyn’s attic to make jeans, flannels, crop tops, dresses, vests, scarves, jewelry and more,” Kate said. “We buy our products from thrift stores and restore it through bleaching, studding, tie-dying, embellishing with fabric, ripping and painting.”

She said the two 17-year-olds made a business plan and presented it to their parents, who were willing to help develop the business. They’ve hosted two clothing shows at which the apparel has sold well.

“We not only sell premade shorts and flannels, but we work with our customers to create a custom pair, and they can even bring us their own pair of shorts from home,” Kate said.

The company name combines part of the word bohemian – which the two says describes the style of their products – and the “lyn” at the end of the names Katelyn and Copelyn.

Bohlyn is marketed through Evite, Facebook, Instagram (@bohlyn_) and word of mouth. The girls are also working to create a website and an Etsy account.

“We hope to host a fall show in late October,” Kate said.

Reid Creager