Teen’s film fights bullying

Shaylee Cooney, 14, wears makeup to depict a physical bullying victim, part of her role in a film short she and her mother recently produced to educate youths and others about the dangers of bullying.

Shaylee says her mom, Mimika Cooney, was bullied physically and psychologically when she was a teen. “I just thought I could help tell a story through a video about what my mom went through,” she says.

A freshman at Marvin Ridge High, Shaylee says her school has a great anti-bullying program and that the school is “basically bully-free.” She’s open to helping promote anti-bullying efforts in the future.

Mimika Cooney says her daughter helped with the story structure and filming for the short, which was entered in a contest by director Ron Howard but was not selected as a finalist. More about the short and the story behind it:

Reid Creager