Nutrition bar sales fight cancer

Sales of a nutrition bar that was created at Woodlawn School raised money in support of families fighting breast cancer.

Sophomore Mills Kratt, above, created the Blazer Bar, the result of an upper school elective. Mills and her classmates each created a nutrition bar after researching the appropriate ingredients. The bars, produced by California-based YouBar, were taste-tested by a panel of school administrators to determine the winner. Mills' bar consists of goji berry, which is nutritious and full of antioxidants.

The class decided to use the winning bar as a way to raise money for Little Pink Houses of Hope, an N.C.-based foundation that supports families affected by breast cancer. Woodlawn students in each grade built pink houses to collect funds for Little Pink during October. Blazer Bar proceeds were a part of the effort as well.

Woodlawn met its fundraising goal of $1,200. The school said it costs $563 to send one family on a trip, which offers an opportunity to focus on family, renewal and survivorship.

Reid Creager