Monroe kids win national singing contest

Jack and Davis Burroughs of Monroe won the national Band-Aid Stuck on Me Sing-Along Contest, and have made plans to help others with their winnings.

The brothers, 6 and 4 respectively, won a $5,000 gift card to Toys R Us. Their mother, Melissa Burroughs, said the boys have gone online and made their Christmas wish list but that they’re also going to pick out gifts and toys for a needy child they will “adopt” for the season. In addition, they’re going to buy diapers for their baby brother, whose due date is next month.

The boys were among 12 finalists in the video contest, which had 192 submissions overall. In the video (at, Jack plays guitar while Davis dances before “falling” at the end and needing a Band-Aid. Their mother said it took two weeks for the boys to learn the song, but they did the video in one take because “Davis wasn’t thrilled about taking the Band-Aids off.”