Hough High wellness team 2nd in state

A 10-student team at Hough High finished second in the state among 169 entrants in the Miles for Wellness Challenge, sponsored by the N.C. Office of State Human Resources.

In the competition, students kept track of how many steps they took each day and earned extra steps for additional exercising. Hough had four teams start the challenge: Two finished, and one team got second place in the Hare division.

Members of the second-place Hough Hoppin’ Hares were Kim Beeker, Meghan Beltz, Lynn Cowley, Donna Davis, Kathleen Gantt, Alice Hansen, Heidi Hickox, Laura Swetnam, Megan Thornton and Dwayne Waite. They took 7,127,269 steps, which equates to 3,564 miles.

Reid Creager