She’s got news for you

Simone Johnson was chosen as one of the anchors on Carolina Kid News. Her first segment aired on Jan. 11, a week after her first day in the studio.

Simone, who lives in Charlotte, is a fifth-grader at River Gate Elementary who turns 11 Jan. 21. She’s no stranger to a camera, with experience in acting, modeling, dance classes and her church choir. Simone is an A and B student who’s very involved in school activities, says her mother, Catrina Johnson.

The best thing about being on Carolina Kid News is “I get to be on TV,” says Simone, who dreams of being in TV and movies. She said she was selected after her mother sent Simone’s photo and resume to the station. She’s scheduled to be on the show for a year, going to the studio on weekends.

Simone says her mom has been a big help, along with Carolina Kid News executive producer Dianna Davis and Marc Soper of Carolina Talent. Watch Simone on camera at

Reid Creager