Blumenthal group dominates in Anaheim

Students in Blumenthal Performing Arts’ Team Broadway program won 33 awards and posted the highest overall score at the Musical Theatre Competitions of America in Anaheim, Calif.

Thomas Laub, Liam Pearce and Keston Steele received awards for outstanding male and female vocalists from Terry Blackley, founder and organizer of the MTCA. Thomas and Liam were named Outstanding Male Vocalists in a Musical Revue at the high and middle school levels, respectively. Thomas was also named Outstanding Male Dancer in an Ensemble. Keston was High School Outstanding Female Vocalist in an Ensemble, winning the same honor for Musical Revue.

First-place finishers were Libby Hatfield, Freshman Solo; Keston Steele, Senior Solo; Carlyn Head, 7th-Grade Solo; Katlyn Gonzalez, 8th-Grade Solo; Katlyn Gonzalez and Rixey Terry, Middle School Duet; Julia Kelly and Susannah Upchurch, High School Duet Freshman/Sophomore; Keston Steele and K.C. Roberge, High School Duet Junior/Senior.

The ensemble also had two firsts in collaboration with Teen City Stage, in both the High School Revue and Advanced Ensemble categories. Teen City Stage, a local musical theater company, joined with Blumenthal Performing Arts to create the Team Broadway program.

Reid Creager