Python taken from Charlotte school’s science lab

Northwest School of the Arts officials are trying to determine who took a python from the school science lab Wednesday morning.

A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools spokeswoman confirmed that a ball python was stolen from the lab and that school officials are looking for both the snake and the thief.

Ball pythons are nonvenomous snakes. They are constrictors that crush their prey. According to the website, ball pythons are popular as pets because of their docile nature.

They also are among the smaller pythons, growing no more than 3 to 5 feet in length. CMS officials did not say how big the snake at Northwest School of the Arts is.

In an email to parents, Northwest Principal Melody Sears said, “The School Resource Officer and Animal Control are investigating the situation and looking for the snake.”

She said officials are looking at videotape to determine who was responsible for the theft.