‘Seussical’ at Ardrey Kell

Ardrey Kell High School’s choice of “Seussical: The Musical” was an interesting one. With a Dr. Seuss theme, you’d expect all the characters you know and love, such as the Grinch, the Lorax or Sam I Am. In this case, you’d be wrong.

“Seussical” focuses on three characters: Horton the elephant, Jojo from Whoville and Gertrude McFuzz. The fact that the story focused only on them and intertwined storylines connected to other popular stories was something of a turn-off, though that’s not Ardrey Kell’s fault.

The cast was a strong one. The singing from everyone was crisp and clear, even with microphone difficulties. The entire cast had an energy that emanated from their movements. Jojo (Rachel Buksbazen) and The Cat (McKenzie Wilson) had great chemistry.

Despite the amazing cast, some things were odd or seemed out of place. Some off notes could easily be picked out, though the actors worked through them. The movement onstage made it hard to focus on just one character: There were acrobatics, jungle characters chasing other characters, The Cat dancing around – it was just too much!

The set was absolutely gorgeous. Colors popped, and a large clover cutout was in the center of the stage as an area for the Whos to appear.

So though the show itself was problematic for me, Ardrey Kell did a wonderful job at giving it life. The kids were great and made me relive some of my favorite childhood stories.