9-Year-Old Sends Kids To Camp

Nine-year-old Jason Soderholm says day camp is “the funnest place in the world,” so he was determined to give another child the experience. A fourth-grader at Furr Elementary in Concord, he set up a lemonade stand one Saturday in April and wore a handmade T-shirt that stated his goal: “Help me send a kid to camp $1 at a time.”

Jason and his dad made a stand, and his mom helped him make lemonade that he sold for $1 per cup. The cost of sending one kid to day camp at the University City YMCA is $150. Jason reached his goal but kept going. By the end of the day, he earned $233.

Now his goal was sending two kids to camp, so he added his own Easter money and allowance he earned at home doing extra yard work. Eventually, Jason presented the Y with a large check that he made with his mom. The bank listed was “BOH” – which Jason explained stood for “Bank of Heart” – and the check was for $300.

Reid Creager

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