Northwest School of the Arts Fashion Show

The 12th annual Northwest School of the Arts Fashion Show was presented at an evening runway show on April 25 and an afternoon show on April 26. Each show was the same and started out with jewelry, then costume pieces created for the high school’s theater productions. That was followed by PJ’s from Apparel 1 students, recycled pieces, and finally designer collections from the advanced Apparel 2 students.

Students either modeled their own creations or used friends or family to show their work. These photos are examples of the level of creativity of the students in grades 9-12 who are in the Apparel 2 class.

Two of the designers, 10th grade students Blake Walsh and April Newkirk, are 2014 Scholastics Gold Key winners; the national award recognizes teenagers with exceptional artistic talent.

The program for the event rightfully bragged that students in the Apparel/Costume design program under the instruction of Barbara Biesak Wesselman have gone on to be museum curators, fashion designers, costume and wardrobe designers, stylists and scientists, to name just a few professions. But the school is most proud that the courses, which fall under its Career & Technological Education program, teach the students life-long skills that help them develop a higher level of reasoning and logic. Is it too late for me to enroll?