SAT relief: College Board says Providence scores will count

“Seating irregularities” at Providence High won’t force 264 students to retake the SAT college-prep exam after all, the College Board said Tuesday.

That brought rejoicing from families who had initially been told their teens would have to retake the test on June 21, when many had planned to scatter for vacations and other summer programs.

“WE WON!!!! Our kids got their scores today!!!!” emailed Anita Gimon, one of the parents who took to social media, contacted reporters and lobbied state, local and national officials to cut through confusion that emerged last week.

Students who took the test at Providence on May 3 faced delays finding their scores online. Some or all of them then got messages that said “makeup” and were told they could retake the test at Myers Park High on June 21.

“After completing a review of possible seating irregularities, ETS found all scores to be in good standing,” Thomas Ewing, spokesman for the College Board and ETS, emailed Tuesday afternoon. “We appreciate the patience of the students and their families while we worked to ensure these standards have been met. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.”

While the CMS school hosted the testing session, the exams are given by the two out-of-state nonprofit boards. Parents said they spent several frustrating days trying to get an explanation of what had gone wrong and whether their kids’ scores were going to be invalidated.

Most of the students taking the tests are juniors preparing to apply for college. Families said the students had prepared for the May exam, which costs $51, and might see scores fall if they had to do a summer makeup or try again during regular fall testing.