Union County mom says daughter attacked on school bus

The Union County School District is investigating after a teen’s family says she was attacked on a bus heading home from school earlier this week.

Laurell Mungo says another student attacked her daughter, 15-year-old Shirdrea Covington, a developmentally disabled student at Wolfe School.

Mungo says the other student left Shirdrea with a swollen knee and visible bruises on her body.

“The monitor on the bus told me and my family that the little child wiggled out of the harness. They always do that, but they didn’t expect for them to always get out,” Mungo said.

A spokesperson for Union County Schools told WBTV the bus monitor did tell Mungo that another student got out of a harness, but officials say later evidence points to a different story.

“She was crying when she got off the bus,” said family member Jimmy Allen.

Allen says he was at the end of the driveway, waiting on Shirdrea to get off the school bus, and immediately noticed a problem.

“She was bent over and her arms were scraped up,” he said. “It was real red and she could hardly walk, so I had to pick her up from the side and carry her in the house.”

Allen and Mungo tell WBTV they asked to see surveillance video from inside the bus but were told the camera wasn’t working. WBTV asked to see the footage, but a spokesperson said if there was video it would not be released because it’s part of an ongoing investigation.

“Her education is important, but her safety at school is first,” Mungo said.

WBTV asked to speak to someone at the school district on camera, but a spokesperson released this statement:

“The safety of all students is a top priority in Union County public schools. We are taking this matter very seriously. Due to an active investigation, we are not at liberty to share details about the students involved or the alleged incident.”