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Do you want an extra day off at Christmas, or spring break?

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is asking for opinions on what its calendar should look like for the 2016-17 school year, and the main differences appear to come down to timing on Christmas and spring break.

Take a look at calendar option A here. And here’s calendar option B.

The differences are mostly subtle. But the first option includes one additional day off during the winter holiday, and the other gives one more day before spring break.

Christmas falls on a Sunday, and option B gives the entire students the entire week prior to that off, but has them come back to school Jan. 2. That’s a total of 10 weekdays off.

Option A gives only the Thursday and Friday off before Christmas, but doesn’t have everybody come back until Jan. 4 – a total of nine weekdays off.

The spring break situation is reversed. Option A makes the Friday before break a teacher workday, while it’s a regular school day in option B.

Both options include two additional teacher workdays before the start of school. They also include four early-release days, which the district is trying for the first time next year.

You can weigh in with your opinion through a poll CMS has set up. Take the poll here.

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