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Superintendent Ann Clark pushes for more charter school transparency

Superintendent Ann Clark
Superintendent Ann Clark

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools leaders have never really been effusive in praise for charter schools, but this week they’re especially at odds.

Superintendent Ann Clark put out her recommended budget on Tuesday, and it includes an estimated $8 million in additional dollars the district will have to send to charter schools to cover the 2,000 or so new students they’re expected to enroll this fall. CMS is asking Mecklenburg County to cover the sum, and it’s likely to hurt the district’s chances of getting money for new programs they want to launch.

So it wasn’t necessarily surprising to hear Clark say Wednesday she wants the state to require more of charter schools. She said she supports several bills pending at the state legislature that would require more disclosure. One, for example, from former CMS admin Tricia Cotham would require more info on management companies and salaries.

Here’s what she had to say:

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