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Number of six-figure earners stays steady in new CMS salary database

Ninety-one Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools employees earned more than $100,000 per year in salary and bonuses last year, according to new data provided by the school district this week.

That’s roughly even with the number of top earners two years ago. The figure includes 40 principals, 50 other administrators and staff and – this year – one teacher, a career and technical eduation teacher at Lincoln Heights Academy.

The data provided by CMS covers actual wages – including base salaries and bonuses – paid to each employee in the 2014 calendar year. Current employees who started work in 2015 won’t show up.

The database also doesn’t include employees who are no longer with the district. So former superintendent Heath Morrison – and his $288,000 salary – aren’t there.

Since the data talks about actual wages paid, instead of salaries, you’ll see some extremely low numbers. These employees likely joined the district late in the year.

This also makes it much more difficult to come to hard conclusions on pay trends. The data isn’t enough to, say, come up with an accurate count of the number of teachers who make less than $40,000 per year.

You also can’t tally total wages paid or total number of employees.

Of 8,442 full-time teachers reported in the database, nearly 3,000 of them earned less than the CMS starting salary of $37,946 per year. That likely means that they joined or left the district at some point in 2014.

The Observer has published the database for eight years now. Often, CMS reports the data in slightly different ways, making direct comparisons more difficult. But here’s a link to last year’s database for reference.

Click here to take a look through them let me know what you see.

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