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CMS takes to Craigslist to find teachers

The CMS ad on Craigslist
The CMS ad on Craigslist

Wanted: Experienced teachers. Willing to pay up to $67,000. Serious inquiries only, please.

That’s essentially the message job seekers in New York City are getting from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools while trolling the digital classified behemoth Craigslist. The school district has posted a series of ads on the site’s Brooklyn and Manhattan sections to recruit candidates for some of Charlotte’s hardest-to-staff schools.

I came across the ad by chance while researching the reassignment of two CMS administrators to become principals at high schools in need of a turnaround. Both of those schools are part of the Beacon Initiative, the new program to help underperforming schools. So are the Craigslist ads. CMS is calling them “high impact schools” want ads.

The fact that the school district is using Craigslist is reflective of the new ways states are trying to recruit teachers to their area. Just last month, Chance Lewis, an urban education professor at UNC Charlotte, told a community group that Texas had built up a sophisticated digital recruiting strategy.

It’s also clear that CMS is leveraging its “opportunity culture” initiative, as well. That allows teachers to make extra money by taking a leadership position in the school while remaining in the classroom. That boosts the top salary the district can advertise.

See an example of the ads here.

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