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Globetrotting students in CMS: A quiz on their travels

Overseas travel gave 343 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools students a glimpse of other cultures.
Overseas travel gave 343 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools students a glimpse of other cultures. © Laura Mueller

During the last school year, 343 students in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools went overseas to experience other cultures and learn more about the countries they study, according to a district roundup that landed in my inbox Thursday.

For a bit of Friday fun, here’s a chance to test your knowledge of students’ globetrotting ways.

1. Which school sent the most students overseas?

a. Providence High

b. Southwest Middle

c. Waddell Language Academy

2. Which country hosted the most CMS students?

a. France

b. Germany

c. Spain

3. Which school wasn’t listed on the travel tally?

a. Ardrey Kell High

b. Hawthorne High

c. Ranson Middle

4. Which country wasn’t listed?

a. Argentina

b. Holland

c. Japan

Here’s a video to give you a hint as you think through your responses.

And here are the answers:

1. OK, that was easy. Waddell, a K-8 language immersion magnet, sent a total of 92 students to China, Japan and Germany. Southwest sent 50 students to Spain, and Providence sent 15 to Germany.

2. Spain was the destination for 134 students last year (that’s Zorita Castle, about an hour east of Madrid, in the photo). Next up was Germany with 87. France got a mere 32 CMS students.

3. Ardrey Kell wasn’t on the CMS list. Ranson sent six students to France, and Hawthorne sent two to Spain. Other schools that had travelers abroad were South Meck, Independence, Harding, Vance, Olympic Renaissance and Charlotte Engineering high schools; Randolph, Piedmont and Martin middle schools; and Collinswood and Oaklawn language academies.

4. There were no CMS trips to Holland. Eight Independence students went to Argentina and 16 from Waddell went to Japan. Other countries visited were China, Costa Rica and Italy.

Ann Doss Helms: 704-358-5033, @anndosshelms