Inside Story

Digital editions feature new design, more updates

Welcome to a redesign of The Charlotte Observer’s digital editions that features a cleaner look for easier navigation and faster page-loading times.

You’ll also save time by scanning “highlights” that now top each story. In some cases, those headlines will tell you all you need to know. Other times, they’ll help you decide to read on.

As you read, you may notice that we’ve adopted a new typeface for headlines and text. It is slightly larger than before and should make reading easier.

We hope you enjoy improvements in content, as well. Our staff is aligned to bring you more breaking news updates, as well as more video. Each day, you will also find a new feature we call In Depth. This takes you beyond the headlines, helping you understand the big picture through stories and columns.

As we do this, we’ve also redesigned our printed Charlotte Observer. We invite you to pick up a copy, or you can simply bookmark our digital edition of the printed paper.

We welcome your feedback. You can reach us directly with an easy-to-use form, or you can call 1-800-532-5350 and an operator will be standing by to take your comments.

We look forward to hearing from you. And thanks for reading the Charlotte Observer.

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