Mark Washburn

20 things you won’t hear said in Charlotte in 2017

Unlikely to be said in 2017: It’s Cam’s breakout year.
Unlikely to be said in 2017: It’s Cam’s breakout year.

Welcome to 2017. It’s a good day to look ahead and ponder the many things you won’t hear in Charlotte this year.

▪  All that construction on I-77 is annoying, but every day we get closer to those fabulous toll lanes.

▪  We’re going to get so much great publicity out of hosting the NBA All-Star game.

▪  Let’s take a ride through South End to admire all the great new architecture.

▪  It’s good to see the governor and the legislature getting along so well.

▪  Can you believe all the new development along the trolley line?

▪  Come quick! There’s a new Morris-Jenkins commercial with Bobby.

▪  What’s the big deal? It’s only a little snow.

▪  What Monroe needs is a better selection of fast-food joints.

▪  This is going to be Cam’s breakout year.

▪  I wish somebody would make a TV show about zombies.

▪  Construction at the airport should be over soon.

▪  What this town needs is a good place to get craft beer.

▪  Hey! Mexico’s paying for the wall.

▪  See how easy it was to undo that HB2 problem?

▪  Let’s go listen to some good music at the Double Door.

▪  Whatever happened to those guys who panhandled at exit ramps?

▪  Things should quiet down in the school system once the new superintendent comes aboard.

▪  We need more hotels uptown to handle the increasing convention business.

▪  Don’t get annoyed. She’ll see the light is green when she finishes her text.

▪  Let’s invite the Arkansas Razorbacks to a shopping spree at Belk’s.

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