Mark Washburn

20 things you never hear in Charlotte

An American Airlines Airbus A319 jet taxis at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.
An American Airlines Airbus A319 jet taxis at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. OBSERVER FILE PHOTO

As we approach the portal to springtime, it’s time again for us to reflect again on the 20 things you never hear spoken out loud in Charlotte.

▪  US Airways/American is richly deserving of that huge tax break on fuel as a reward for the low, low fares they have traditionally charged passengers during their near-monopoly in Charlotte.

▪  At first, I was against this idea of paying tolls to ride in an unclogged lane on Interstate 77, but I changed my mind when I found out the scheme will last only 50 years.

▪  When it comes to lavishing philanthropic generosity on its adopted city, Chiquita will be a hard act to follow.

▪  How I dread the time change – I wish we could get up in the dark year-round.

▪  I’m all for passing slowpokes on a double yellow line, and I hope the oncoming motorists just around the bend are doing the same thing.

▪  Greensboro is such a better place to hold the ACC basketball tournament than Charlotte because you get great exercise walking around the scenic parking lots, and that old mall by the old coliseum is so much more lively than uptown.

▪  It’s so pretty when the ice coats the trees and powerlines. I wish it would happen more often.

▪  Almost time to welcome back the majestic cankerworms!

▪  Yes, it certainly seems natural that of all the cities, the federal government would move Gen. David Petraeus’ case here.

▪  I think I’ll enjoy the nice spring weather by wandering around with my nose in the phone.

▪  I don’t care what color it is; that is just one ugly dress.

▪  I hope those NASCAR ruffians learned their lessons and will behave themselves like gentlemen at all the races this year.

▪  Wouldn’t it be great to see some construction out at the airport?

▪  You know, this amateur sports complex might succeed better if we’d move it to Eastland Mall.

▪  All the nearby towns must be so jealous of that artistic sail design atop the bridge at Exit 28 in Cornelius.

▪  I certainly hope female swimmers don’t start demonstrating their avid support for Davidson’s basketball team.

▪  Start putting all your spare change in this bucket each night. I’ll be needing it to ride the trolley.

▪  Poor Gov. Nikki Haley must be exhausted traveling around South Carolina announcing new auto plants.

▪  In my wildest imagination, I cannot see how anyone outside of that little circle knew anything at all about athletes at UNC-Chapel Hill taking those sham courses.

▪  That was just so thoughtful and classy of the Ritz-Carlton to figure out a tip and quietly add it to people’s bar tabs during the CIAA.

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