Mark Washburn

'I think I'll just buzz up to Lake Norman on I-77' and other things we never say in Charlotte

Tax the Panthers for their free land? Forget about it!
Tax the Panthers for their free land? Forget about it! Observer file

It is once again time to review the tapes and reveal the 20 things you never hear said in Charlotte:

Nothing ever goes wrong at American Airlines at our airport. They've got everything on computer.

Will summer never come?

Oh, I have confidence the Legislature will find a way to get around this tollway on I-77.

There aren't near enough rental scooters lying around.

I've noticed that political discourse on social media lately has become more respectful and open-minded.

Atrium! What a great name for a hospital system.

It seems like a crime that the Panthers have to pay property taxes on the dozens of acres they rent from the city for $1 a year.

I never dreamed the restoration of the Carolina Theatre would go so quickly.

I'm just dying for a burger at IHOP.

Timofey Mozgov for Dwight Howard? What a shrewd trade by the Charlotte Hornets.

I'm just thinking of all the money we'll make by renting out the house if we get the 2020 Republican National Convention.

Prison officers are overpaid anyway.

I'm so lucky. There was a cancellation, so I'll be able to move my surgery up to July 1.

I've said all along that if we couldn't be a finalist for the Amazon project, I'd be thrilled if it went to Raleigh.

I can't understand why television ratings are falling so fast. Where else are you going to get urgent alerts about thunderstorms a hundred miles away?

Uptown would be so much more charming if developers would add some big glass buildings.

It's a mystery to me why people won't pay to park their cars in some of the garages along the Blue Line.

I think I'll just buzz up to Lake Norman on I-77.

I wish I could find a brewery in South End.

What? There are sharks off the coast? This is big news.

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