Mark Washburn

20 things we leave unsaid in Charlotte

Charlotte’s night life at Epicenter.
Charlotte’s night life at Epicenter. Laura-Chase McGehee

It is time once again for us to reflect on the 20 things you never hear said around Charlotte:

▪ What’s wrong with that guy? He’s walking around without staring at his phone.

▪ Raleigh is cracking down on sidewalk drinking? Well, it’s about time it did something about its reputation as a big-time party town.

▪ Just amazing the way Southwest’s entry to Charlotte drove down air fares.

▪ It’s simple to find – it’s in South End, right next to an apartment building under construction.

▪ I’m glad the panhandlers have gone up to a buck.

▪ When we moved here, uptown was hopping every night.

▪ Now’s the time to get property at Lake Norman, because when they finish the toll lanes, everyone’s going to want to buy some.

▪ It’s my own fault – I didn’t pay attention to the sign on the back of the dump truck saying the company wasn’t liable for rocks flying out of the back.

▪ Wish it would rain.

▪ It’s only 10 weekends away – where are the store Christmas displays?

▪ I love the sound of a chainsaw early on a Sunday morning.

▪ We’re going to face a tough few years trying to make up for Chiquita’s civic philanthropy.

▪ I love public art. It’s such a good use of money.

▪ Can you believe all the new businesses going in along the trolley line?

▪ There’s no need to pack survival gear in the car – we’ll be out in no time because the concert’s at PNC Music Pavilion.

▪ Do you have Prince Albert in a can?

▪ I miss smokers in restaurants.

▪ He’s so cool. He’s got a flip phone. And an AOL account.

▪ We need to get that big movie studio away from the Catawba tribe and put it at Eastland Mall.

▪ Oh, for heaven’s sake! It’s only coal ash.