Mark Washburn

20 things you never hear said in Charlotte

We hardly knew ye: SouthPark’s vanished holiday iceberg.
We hardly knew ye: SouthPark’s vanished holiday iceberg. File photo

It is time for us to talk again about the unsaid – the 20 things never uttered nowadays in Charlotte.

Who does Cam think he is, strutting around with that towel on his head?

Development really helps South End’s funky vibe.

I so look forward to that charming commercial, “Toyotathon Rock.”

I’m sure JCSU has perfectly good reasons not to release its latest audit to the local newspaper.

We need more apartments.

Brake lights around the mall really get me in the Christmas spirit.

If only the people of Huntersville could vote on it, everyone would see the vast support there is for toll lanes on I-77.

I certainly didn’t let the holidays sneak up on me this year.

Steph Curry needs to work on his three-point shot.

It just won’t be the same without SouthPark mall’s holiday glacier.

One place you can see the generous holiday spirit manifest is in the relaxed way people drive.

Who are the Panthers losing to this Sunday?

I’m concerned the university isn’t providing a safe healing space for my child when the going gets tough.

It’s so refreshing to wake up on these crisp autumn mornings to the sweet murmur of my neighbor’s leaf blower.

There’s no way an ACC Championship game will succeed in Charlotte.

Oh, look at those people crossing the street without gawking at their cellphones.

I haven’t been asked to donate anything to anyone all month.

It’s time to talk about increasing seating capacity for 49er football.

Again with the chest pains. I should take the trolley to the hospital.

This seems like a great time to go on a diet.