Retro Charlotte

The Park-N-Shop sign is G-O-N-E

The daughter of Park-N-Shop founder Charles Reid emailed me the news: “The original Park-N-Shop sign on Wilkinson Boulevard is being removed by Black Dog Salvage. The removal is being filmed and will be shown on their TV show in the near future. I know my parents will be smiling down as they watch this.” It was nice meeting Linda and her brother Donny that day - they are featured in the video attached.

Park-N-Shop holds fond memories for long-time Charlotteans, possibly due to some of Charles Reid’s crazy promotions described in an Observer story:

He became a local celebrity of sorts, sponsoring flamboyant promotions like one night's offer of watermelons for a nickel to customers who would come in their pajamas. Cars flooded Wilkinson Boulevard.

Mark Washburn retold the story of the conjoined twins who worked at the Wilkinson location. Heck, yours truly blogged about Park-N-Shop just last year!

So, in memory of a hometown grocery store, and the creative man who conceived of it I hope you’ll click all the links, watch the video and enjoy the photos. (There are links within the links, so don’t miss any!)

I’d like to think Mr. Reid approves.