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Race goers: Are you a fan or a fake?

May, 1985 Extra section.
May, 1985 Extra section. The Charlotte Observer

In the ‘70s I went to races at Charlotte Motor Speedway with my buddy Ann Moody (yep, Ralph’s daughter). We were in high school and went to meet boys, sneak a beer, walk through Pit Row, and maybe watch the race. I pulled for Cale ‘cause you gotta pull for somebody!

So a couple years ago when Ann invited me to camp with friends at the Bristol race I thought “heck yeah!” I bought a little tent and a bottle of Chardonnay (do you see where this is going?) and drove up the mountain to Farmer Bob’s Campground outside the Bristol track. I unloaded my Volvo wagon (now do you see where this is going?), found a corkscrew, worked on a crossword puzzle and waited for Ann to get back from rafting. I think I listened to NPR on the car radio. There was great celebration that night when our Porta-Jon was delivered, even though our camp site was close to/downwind from the public ones. And just a YEE-HAW away from a handmade “Skank Valley” sign - I was told those folks are regulars. (I know you see where this is going.) When a giant grasshopper greeted me the next morning - inside the tent - I said goodbye to Ann, left the tent behind and took pole position getting back down the mountain. Ann now uses my tent as a garage when she goes camping.

Take a look at the fun illustration by George Breisacher and quiz by the so-funny Lew Powell.