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Sparky, Fire Station No. 6 mascot

Sparky is tied to truck when firefighters respond to call.
Sparky is tied to truck when firefighters respond to call. The Charlotte News

I thought y’all would enjoy these photos of Sparky the Dalmation. Not sure what ever became of the pup, but he would be more than 30 years now... Good dog.

“At Charlotte Fire Station No. 6 on Laurel Avenue, T-shirts sport Sparky’s profile. He wears a silver fire badge and his lineage papers are posted proudly on the bulletin board.

“With 16 firefighters as his owners, you might say the 7-month-old purebred dalmation has the run of the station. Says Fire Capt. David Lane: ‘If I could teach him to blow the siren and bark out the fire codes, he could do my job.’

“The men at Station No. 6 pitched in and bought Sparky as a mascot last October. Before his arrival, the Charlotte Fire Department had been without a dalmation since a dog named Tony was killed in action more than 60 years ago.

“No wonder, then, that Sparky gets all the attention. Question is, has it spoiled him? ‘Rotten,’ answers Capt. Lane.”

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