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1923 Better Homes Tour

Lots of local firms were on board, 1923
Lots of local firms were on board, 1923 The Charlotte Observer

In 1923 the Charlotte Observer and local merchants hosted “Better Homes” week featuring three new houses built and furnished for the public to tour. All three are still standing! Take a look at the photos and get a chuckle out of the serious vocabulary (and weird punctuation) below, from October 17, 1923:

The Biggest Educational Event Ever Staged in Charlotte

“Better Homes” Weeks Oct. 22nd - Nov. 3rd

Conducted by The Charlotte Observer in Cooperation with Charlotte Merchants

Three Beautiful Homes Built And Furnished By Charlotte Firms Will Be Open Free For Public Inspection Next Monday

No effort has been spared in the designing, building and furnishing of these three “BETTER HOMES” that will be opened next MONDAY, October 22nd, for public inspection, when every picture, every decoration, fixture, and piece of furniture will be placed in its proper place by professional home decorators conveying for the first time in Charlotte the ideal BETTER HOME at a nominal cost.

These homes will be furnished complete in every detail - and at the same time at a very low cost, showing the home owner that to properly and modernly furnish a home does not require a great outlay in cost, as much as the selection of proper furnishings and placing them correctly in the home. Be sure to visit all three homes. They are a revelation in how to furnish a “BETTER HOME.”