Architect wants to use golden pigs to hide Trump name on Chicago tower

New World Design Ltd.

The 20-foot-tall “Trump” sign on the side of Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago has raised ire ever since it was installed in 2014, before the building’s namesake was a presidential candidate.

Critics deemed the sign tasteless, “an aesthetic assault on the surrounding scenic waterfront view,” according to the Hyperallergic arts and culture website.

One Chicago tour guide made it a stop on her downtown “disaster” tour.

Now a Chicago architect has created a unique way to partially block “the sign’s visual noise.”

Jeffrey Roberts at New World Design Ltd. proposes floating four giant, gilded pig balloons next to the building, strategically placed to “provide visual relief to the citizens of Chicago by interrupting the view of the ostentatious Trump Tower Chicago sign.”

The bloated balloons, which look like giant piggy banks, would be attached to buoys in the Chicago River, which the building overlooks.

“Flying Pigs on Parade” invites viewers to read between the lines.

The design follows “rigorous rationale in providing layers of meaning while allowing for nuanced interpretations by viewers,” the firm writes on its website.

Pink Floyd fans will recognize the homage to the band’s 1977 “Animals” album, which, like George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” depicted pigs as the rulers of society.

“While many Donald Trump protests have taken place across the country, the latest in Chicago takes its inspiration from an unusual source,” says Billboard.

“The protest follows Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters’ use of a giant inflatable pig that flew over the crowd at the Desert Trip music festival. On that occasion, the pig was printed with the phrases ‘f*** Trump and his wall’ and ‘Ignorant, lying, racist, sexist.’”

The pigs are rife with other symbolism, according to the architecture firm’s website.

Their gold color is a “commentary on the gaudy style of Mr. Trump’s own gold ensconced penthouse interior he has labeled ‘comfortable modernism.’”

Flying pigs reference the once-perceived small chance of Trump becoming president.

Pigs refer to Trump’s infamous “Miss Piggy” critique of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

Four pigs symbolize “each of the four years the world will need to endure the Trump presidency.”

And, the pigs fly eastward toward Washington, D.C.

The firm is exploring ways to make the project happen.