One autistic boy is helping his sick brother by selling his drawings for $1 each

By Greg Hadley

NBC Charlotte

When 7-year-old Max Edwards underwent surgery recently in an attempt to remove tumors from his brain, it didn’t go so well.

So Haden, Max’s 10-year-old brother, decided he wanted to do something so his younger sibling could “be happy,” per WBTV.

And so began Haden Edwards’s career as a commercial artist. Outside his family home in Lincolnton, North Carolina, Haden set up a chair with a sign reading simply, “Pictures for Sale $1 Designed by Haden.” Haden’s mother, Cynthia Edwards, posted a photo of him to Facebook, and in the first day alone, her son had sold 23 pieces of artwork, per WCNC.

“Haden's very good about giving (Max) a reason to be excited and one thing Max loves to do is go shopping,” Cynthia Edwards told WCNC. So using the proceeds from his sales, Haden and Max went shopping at the local Dollar Tree and bought Legos.

And in turn, those Legos are a way for the two to bond. Haden has autism and bipolar disorder and Max has several medical conditions, including neurofibromatosis, which causes the tumors to grow on his brain, but together the two are happy, Cynthia Edwards told Inside Edition.

“They'll just spend time together," Edwards said. “They'll spend all day long with each other.”

And oddly enough, Max’s condition has actually helped Haden in some ways, according to Cynthia.

“When he realized how sick Max was, it's like it calmed him down,” she told Inside Edition. “He's not focused on his anger anymore. He's focused on his brother."

The family has also set up a GoFundMe page for Max, which has raised more than $7,000 and been shared more than 300 times. Through that page Haden has also agreed to more drawings. He has also donated a portion of his profits to the Children's Tumor Foundation and the Chiari and Syringomyelia Foundation, according to updates from Cynthia.

Despite his brother’s sickness, Haden told WBTV that he and his brother still argue some times.

“But most of the time we’re best friends,” he said.