After winning $250,000 in lottery, SC man refused to sleep, bathe or change clothes

Stock image of a South Carolina Education Lottery scratch-off ticket.
Stock image of a South Carolina Education Lottery scratch-off ticket. The State

A man who won a quarter-of-a-million-dollar jackpot playing the South Carolina Education Lottery couldn’t believe his luck.

Rather than jinx his good fortune, the Burnettown man went to extremes before he claimed his $250,000 prize.

The man “didn’t shower, change clothes or sleep,” after he turned a $10 scratch-off lottery ticket into the six-digit payday, according to the S.C. Education Lottery.

The man, whose name was not released by lottery officials, made the 60-plus mile trip to Columbia for his prize in the same condition, more or less, that he was in the previous day when he revealed his winning numbers on an Emerald Green 10s instant ticket, the SC Lottery reported.

The ticket was purchased in Warrenville, according to the S.C. Lottery. That is outside of Aiken, and not far from where the Savannah River separates South Carolina and Georgia.

“My four children, which are cats, and I are going to enjoy this blessing,” the winner said, according to the S.C. Lottery.

While he had a different reaction to winning the game’s top prize, the Burnettown man said his plans for the $250,000 are modest.

“Nothing fancy, all I’m going to do is get a new home with a reasonable price tag,” the man told the S.C Lottery, adding he might take a trip to Myrtle Beach to celebrate.

But he has no plans to replace his old truck, which runs fine, according to lottery officials.

Odds of winning the top prize playing the Emerald Green 10s instant ticket are 1 in 660,000, the S.C. Lottery reported, adding five other $250,000 jackpots remain.

Columbia residents share how they'd spend the money if they won the jackpot.

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