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Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles’ campaign account dwarfs those of rivals

Charlotte’s Democratic Mayor Vi Lyles has a huge fundraising edge over her rivals in what’s expected to be a low-profile race.

Lyles has $97,000 on hand in her campaign account, according to recent reports. Four other Democrats and one Republican are also running.

The only other mayoral candidate to report any fundraising was newcomer Joel Odom. He reported raising $900.

No reports were available for Democrats Roderick Davis and Lucille Puckett or for Republican David Michael Rice. Democrat Tigress McDaniel reported no fundraising or spending.

“It’s a great position to be in,” said Lyles strategist Tonya Jameson. “So she can really spend her time putting the policies in place and creating the collaborations that we need to make the changes that she wants.”

Two years ago Lyles and Republican Kenny Smith spent over $1 million in the mayor’s race. Smith alone spent $651,000, according to reports. Lyles won with 59% of the vote.

When she filed for re-election, Lyles pledged to continue the city’s efforts on affordable housing as well as transportation initiatives including “rebuilding” the bus system and finding money to expand light rail. She said she also wants to improve public safety. The city already has had more homicides than it had all of last year.

The at-large city council race includes seven Democrats and one Republican. Democratic incumbent Dimple Ajmera reported the most cash on hand with $63,000.

Of the other three Democratic incumbents, Julie Eiselt had $59,000; Braxton Winston, $15,000 and James Mitchell, $12,000.

Democrat Lawana Mayfield, a district representative running at large, reported $27,000 on hand. Meanwhile Democratic newcomers Jorge Millares had $7,400 and Chad Stachowicz reported $15,000.

No reports were available for Republican Joshua Richardson.