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Transportation chief Foxx: UNC loss ‘blew a hole in my heart’


U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, who grew up in Charlotte and mentored a member of the UNC basketball team, said Villanova’s buzzer-beating basket that felled the Tar Heels in the NCAA championship game “blew a hole in my heart.”

But Foxx told a group of reporters Tuesday, the day after one of the greatest game-ending shots in college basketball history: “I’ve never seen a game in any sport where I was more disappointed that somebody had to lose than last night.”

“Last night we saw two great teams playing their hearts out,” he said.

Foxx, a former Charlotte mayor, noted that he had mentored 6-foot-10 UNC junior Kennedy Meeks, who attended West Charlotte High School just as Fox had done years earlier.

“It’s heartbreaking to see these young people, who poured their hearts out – one team getting the win and the other team having to lose.

“It made you very proud of these great young people who participate in these sports.”

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