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GOP: Dems should return money

Democrat Bev Perdue should instruct the N.C. Democratic Party to return contributions from two groups that are paying for a negative ad about her Republican opponent in the governor's race, the Republican Governors Association said today.

The two groups, the Democratic Governors Association and the National Education Association's political arm, gave a combined $750,000 last month toward television ads critical of Pat McCrory, the GOP nominee for governor. McCrory and other Republicans have criticized the groups' use of unregulated, out-of-state money, though many of those same criticisms have been leveled at the RGA.

Perdue has said she is not involved with the ad campaign. Her campaign called the infusion of outside money “unfortunate.”

In May, a state teachers' group gave the Democratic Party $4,750. In June, the DGA gave the party $50,000.

RGA Executive Director Nick Ayers said in a news release that Perdue should instruct the party to return the money.

“On one hand, she denounces the presence of outside groups and denies having any involvement with them,” Ayers said. “At the same time, the Party she controls is taking huge contributions from the donors running the ads.”

Perdue's campaign said it would not ask the Democratic Party to return the money. It criticized an RGA political action committee that it says won't have to disclose more of its donors until October.

“Taking campaign finance advice from Pat McCrory and his allies is like taking economic policy advice from George Bush,” Perdue spokesman David Kochman said in a news release.