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Charlotte City Council may restore funding to 2 after-school programs

The Charlotte City Council may restore funding to two after-school programs that didn’t receive all of the money they requested in City Manager Ron Carlee’s proposed budget.

The city has allocated $1.2 million to five after-school programs: Citizen Schools, Police Athletic League, Greater Enrichment Program, Youth Development Initiatives, and Above and Beyond Students.

The YWCA asked for $350,000 but wasn’t recommended for funding. In addition, Above and Beyond Students sought $163,000 but was only recommended for just under $20,000.

Council members proposed Wednesday adding $411,000 to the after-school budget to help the two programs. They will take a formal vote on the issue this month before taking a final vote on the budget June 9.

Two years ago, the city started ranking after-school programs to ensure it was spending tax dollars on the best programs.

But when programs aren’t recommended for funding, there has been pushback. The YWCA lobbied council members Monday night.

Carlee said Wednesday he may recommend a different timetable for ranking the programs in order to give the groups more time to prepare budgets.

Council member Vi Lyles suggested the city not fund the programs at all, and shift the burden to nonprofits and the school system.